First four weeks--- Schedule January 16, 2006


Online Composition 102 Spring, 2006 ….Print this off for reference

Basic Weekly Schedule –Although you may always do things ahead of the due dates, the week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. I suggest you print this schedule and then transfer the due dates to a calendar…a big one posted on the bathroom wall that you look at while brushing your teeth might help you stay on task!

All Assignments are due by twelve midnight of the day stated as due. That means something due on Monday can be passed at 12:00 at night on that Monday. Late assignments will be penalized points and will not be accepted after the due date, unless first discussed with me. Email me about any special circumstances.

Every Sunday, I will summarize the upcoming week’s assignments and refer you to the weekly folder in the Assignments area for details on each assignment. This is cross-referencing and not meant to replace looking in the Assignments area, which has much detail on everything.

Hacker = A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker Spatt = Writing From Sources by Brenda Spatt

Week 1 (January16-22)


Monday, January 16, go to: COURSE INFORMATION; read #1“General Class Info” and #2 “Syllabus.” Go to ASSIGNMENTS; read #1 “Weekly Assignments.” Print these documents and keep in a folder for reference.

Wednesday, January 18.: Email Jamo by Wednesday, January 18. Go to ASSIGNMENTS for #1 “Introduce Yourself” guidelines on what to put in this email. Use the address that you want to use for this course contact. Put your full name and Comp 102 in the subject line…Always put this complete info in the subject line. “surfdude” @Yahoo does not compute!

Thursday, January 19--Saturday, January 21: Discussion Board: Week One Discussion Board due by Thursday, January 19. Respond to instructor discussion questions. By Saturday, January 21, comment on two student discussion points.

Friday, January 20: Spatt: Read Assignment #1:“Reading for Understanding” Read in text (“to the Student” ix-xii)…read and take notes in your notebook. Read pp. 3-16 “Reading For Understanding” and follow the passage instructions when reading it. Do exercise on page 6. Do exercise on page 7- 8 (A-B-C). ONLY TYPE YOUR RESPONSE PART—NOT THE WHOLE PRINTED PASSAGE FROM THE TEXT. Pass these into Digital Dropbox . …read and do assignment by Friday, January 20.

Saturday, January 21: Post Your Home Page: Check ASSIGNMENTS for Assignment # 2, “Personal Home Page”, due for Saturday, January 21.

Sunday, January 22. Post another copy of your HomePage (copy and paste is okay) in the Digital Dropbox by Sunday, January 22. Go to COURSE INFORMATION, #3--“Sending Papers Through the Digital Dropbox” for directions on doing this.

Week 2 (January 23-29)

(There is quite a reading load these first few weeks, but this will ease up quickly, so don’t panic!)

Wednesday, January 25. Hacker: Hacker: #1 assignment—Look in “Assignments: Week Two-Hacker” for details on this assignment.

Friday,. January 27 -Spatt: Chapter One. Read and take notes (do not pass the notes in) on pages 38-64; “Writing a Summary.” If you feel unsure of the format, do one or two of the exercises on summarizing. Apply these concepts to the summary you are writing of the Home Pages.

Friday,January 27. Based on your Spatt notes, write a one-paragraph summary of how to write a summary. Post in Discussion Board which is titled for this.

Friday, January 27. Post draft of Home Pages Summary paper in Discussion Board: Week Two: Summary of Homepages site. I will take your copy for my reading and commentary, and your peers will read your draft and peer edit/respond to some of them.

Sunday, January 29. Go to: “Assignments: Week 2 assignments- “Peer Editing the Summary of Home Pages” for specific directions on how to peer edit, which is done as a “reply” in the Discussion Board. Peer edit three of your peers’ papers by Sunday, January 29.


Week 3 (January 30-Feb 5)

Wednesday, February 1 “Assignments: Week Three.” Read #1 Lecture; “How Do You Know”

Wednesday, February 1 “Assignments: Week Three.” Read #2. “The Day You Were Born” assignment. Get started!!

Friday, February 3 : Using peer and instructor comments, post final revision of Home Page Summary in Digital Dropbox. This is the only writing assignment submitted this week. You are spending your “extra” time getting signed into the Spiva library search engines and doing research.


Week 4 (February 6-12)

Please read “Accessing Spiva Library and Ebsco Database” in “Assignments: Week Four”. Call or email library or tech desk if you have trouble signing on to the library resources.

This week, the information that you have read concerning documentation will come together a bit more as you prepare your first essay using sources. This first assignment will seem a bit overwhelming, possibly, but this will quickly seem second nature to you in a couple of weeks. As this is our first research-based paper, I am not expecting "error free" essays concerning documentation, only your best attempt. However, do not use this as an excuse for shoddy work! Any questions on how to document your sources, feel free to email me! Use the first Discussion Board for peer help too, which has been great so far.

Discussion Board: For Monday, February 6. Post comments on the problems you have had in preparing for your “Day” paper. What successes? What good info sources? Then respond to 3 other postings by Wednesday, February 8 Help each other.

Post first revision (NOT rough draft, please) of “Day You Were Born “Essay in appropriate folder in Week 4: Discussion Board area by Friday, February 10. To do this, write your draft in a regular document file, spellcheck and grammarcheck then cut and paste first revision into discussion board. Be sure and save the rough document in your own files too, and remember that this is a first revision and not a “rough” draft.

Discussion Board: Respond to three of your peers' postings found in the Discussion Board (Use "Peer Editing for Day paper" in Assignments, Week 4) Due by Monday, February 13