Summary of Home Pages. Post in Discussion Board, Week Two by Friday, January 27

Last week in a Discussion Board, you guessed at the audience which comprises this class. This week, please look at everyone’s Home Pages. Enjoy the different voices and stories that you will hear, and then take some notes which will help you write this next paper.

Drawing on your text readings in Spatt on summary, quotes, and paraphrasing, you will write a summary of the Home Pages posted, including your own.

Before you write, start with a plan; where are you heading?

What are the big parts and the supporting pieces under the main topics?

Try to think in terms of paragraphs with topic sentences that then use specifics from the HPs as examples.

Somewhere (introduction? conclusion?) make a statement about your original estimate of the class to what you now see when you look at the HPs.

Review your texts on using quotations within your writing and put in two direct quotations from the Home Pages and one indirect quotation. Insert them with the correct punctuation, quotation mark placement, etc. This should be about four paragraphs of thoughtful and organized summary. Lengths stated are always minimums. Remember that paragraphs should have 5-7 sentences which function around topic sentences

After you spellcheck and grammarcheck, post this in the Discussion Board as “Summary Draft” and then peer edit as directed in “Assignments: Week Two—Peer Editing.Home Page Summaries.” Remember that this is NOT YOUR FIRST DRAFT, but a revision you have done after your first draft.

You need to notice that you usually do not have quizzes, etc. on your text assignments. Independent learners (which is another goal of this course) read for knowledge and application of knowledge to new tasks. The proof of your reading is in the application of the information and concepts to your writing. You must do comprehensive reading of the text in order to write quality pieces of work. Lack of reading will be apparent in your writing.