Math 20     Beginning Algebra


Instructor:  Dr. Laura Adkins


Office:  Reynolds Hall 223


Phone:  625-9749




Office Hours: M-W-F: 10:00-10:50 in Taylor Hall 231 and 12:00-12:50 in Reynolds Hall 223

                        Tues: 10:00-noon RH 223

                        Two virtual office hours per week



Grading:    Quizzes from Homework    1/7 or 14% of total grade

                  Four Chapter Tests            4/7 or 58% of total grade

                  Comprehensive Final         2/7 or 28% of total grade


The total grade average of all the semester’s quizzes will count as one test.  The lowest quiz score will be dropped and not used in figuring the final average.



Grading Scale: 90 100% A

                         80 89% B

                         65 79% C

                         55 64% D

                           0 54% F


All students taking this course by DVD or video streaming, please get in touch with me by email before Friday, January 20, or I will have to drop you from the course.


Make-up Work:  No make-up tests will be given.  If an exam is missed, the Final exam score will be substituted for the missed exam.  The Final exam score may be substituted for the lowest test score if no exam has been missed.  In either case, the Final exam score will also be used as a 200-point exam grade.  If advance notice is given, a test may possibly be taken early.  Similarly, quizzes will not be made up. 


Attendance:  The attendance policy is in accordance with the colleges attendance policy.  You are strongly encouraged to attend.  If you are absent, try to get the assignment from someone in the class (it is a good idea for students to have someone they can call to get the assignment when necessary).  You are also welcome to either call or e-mail me for help or the missed assignment.


Special Notice: If you are an individual with a disability and require an accommodation for this class, please notify me, as your instructor, or Melissa Locher, Disabilities Coordinator at the Learning Center.