We would first like to welcome you to theatre appreciation. I am Sam Claussen the instructor and my teaching assistant is Lyle Burrow.  If at any point in this class you have a problem please let Lyle or I know either by phone or email.  The theatre is a really busy place and at times things become backed up. We are doing 4 shows this semester and we are both designing at least one if not two things for each show.  We will also be seeing those designs to their fulfillment.  So we will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.  Everything that you need to know to pass this class or to help you pass this class is contained in this Document.


This class is going to be unique in the fact that all information will be available to you from the beginning of the class. You must see two plays for this class and turn in the play analysis.  We would like for you to do this through the Assignments Section of blackboard. But if you can’t get it to work through this then you may email it to us or mail it to us or hand deliver it to us.  But we would like for you to try to submit it through the assignments section first.


●Greeks/Romans/Oedipus Quiz 1 – Sept 2- Quiz 1 will cover all documents in the folders “Intro to Drama” and “Greek Drama” and Chapters 1 and 2 in the text book. 

●Medieval Theatre/Genres Quiz 2 – Sept 16 - Quiz 2 will cover the following documents in the folders “Medieval Drama”, “Genre’s”, “Dramatic Structure” also chapters 8 and 10 in the text book.

●Scene Design Quiz – Sept 30 - Quiz 3 will cover the following documents in the folders “Elements of Design” “Scene Design”, and pages 393-408 of Chapter 13 in the Text book.

●Costume Design/Theatre Structure – Oct 14 - Quiz 4 will cover the documents in the folders “Theatre Structure”, “Costume Designs”.

●Lighting Quiz – Oct 28 - Quiz 5 will cover the documents in the folder “Light Design”.

●Acting Quiz – Nov 11 - Quiz 6 will cover the documents in the folder “Acting”

●Directing Quiz – Dec 9-- Quiz 7 will cover the documents in the folder “Directing”

●Final Dec 12-16(According to Exam Schedule): Quiz 8 is the final and it will be comprehensive and cover all documents on the blackboard site.


Quiz 1 – 33 out of 39

Quiz 2 – 45 out of 54

Quiz 3 – 39 out of 39

Quiz 4 – 30 out of 33

Quiz 5 – 30 out of 30

Quiz 6 –

Quiz 7 –

Final –

Play Analysis 1 – 100 out of 100

Play Analysis  2 – 100 out of 100

Web Page 30 out of 30




THE PLAY ANALYSIS MUST BE TURNED IN WITHIN ONE WEEK OF SEEING THE PLAY. You may turn in the analysis thorough the assignments section, email, or by dropping a hard copy by the office. All paper work must be turned in by December 9 2005.  Paperwork turned in after this Date WILL NOT be accepted.